Tips on How to Dry Firewood

‍Drying wood is quite challenging for some. It can take weeks before it’s ready to use and even longer if you need more space to leave your logs out in the open. If you don’t have access to an outdoor space or anything similar, consider drying your firewood at home instead. 


But is it worth it to dry your firewood? We will show you some benefits of buying your from a firewood supplier as well as advice if you still want to push through with drying firewood on your own. Although buying firewood is easier  and can save you time cutting and stacking wood. In addition, you won’t have to worry about the quality of your wood, as it has been inspected before being sold to you. 

Decide How You Want to Dry Your Firewood

1. Drying Rooms vs Firewood Sheds

Drying rooms are enclosed spaces that you can use to lower the moisture content of your firewood. They’re great for stationary logs that don’t get moved around but can take a long time. Because of this, you’ll want to ensure  that you have enough room to leave your firewood in the drying room for a few weeks. Firewood sheds are great if you have a lot of wood to dry and don’t have  space in a drying room. Drying firewood outside can be a challenge. It must be kept dry, protected and should be stacked to allow air to flow through the logs. The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure that your firewood shed has a proper roof. This can be as simple as covering your firewood with a tarp or as complex as installing a new roof. You’ll also need to ensure that your firewood is protected from the rain. If you have them stacked on a pallet or the side of a your house, you’ll want to install gutters to direct the water away from your firewood.

2. Using a Heater and Dehumidifier Together

Some people use a combination of a drying room and an outdoor shed. They use a dehumidifier in the drying room and a heater to speed up the process. A dehumidifier works by sucking the moisture out of the air and turning it into water. Using a heater and dehumidifier together for drying firewood is an excellent way to get the job done more efficiently and at a lower cost than traditional methods. While you can use any type of dehumidifier, some are  specifically designed  for wood-drying procedures  which are pretty expensive. A good dehumidifier should have a fan that circulates air throughout the unit while also reducing humidity levels in the room. 

3. Installing a Wood-Drying Kiln

Another option for drying your firewood is to build a wood-drying kiln. A wood-drying kiln is like a drying room, but is detached from your house. This is a great option if you live in a humid climate or an area prone to rain. You can build a wood-drying kiln on the side of your house or in the corner of your backyard. You can also make it mobile if you want to move it around your property. The easiest way to build a wood-drying kiln is to use a wooden frame. You’ll want to ensure  that the wood stays off the ground so that moisture can’t seep into it. Though these can be expensive, you can also find moulded plastic frames to hold the wood off the ground.

Advantages of Buying From A Supplier?

Firewood suppliers dry their firewood before selling  it to the customer. The drying process usually takes about a month which can be a struggle for those who plan to dry their firewood on their own. Remember, drying firewood is essential because if the logs are wet, you risk  damaging your fireplace. Firewood suppliers know how to tell if logs are wet, so you are guaranteed to get dry logs when you buy from a specialist or supplier. Firewood suppliers also know how to stack logs properly to keep them as dry as possible. If you decide to just do it on your own, you risk getting wet logs that have been stacked incorrectly and are sitting in a puddle of water. You might think  you are saving money, but in reality, you will end up paying a lot more in the long run. 


When you dry firewood at home, you have more control over the process and can ensure that your logs are dried correctly. Overall, drying firewood at your home is a great option for people with a lot of time and patience, especially if you have enough knowledge of  drying firewood. There are a few different ways to dry your firewood, each of which has its pros and cons that you must know before deciding which one you would like to try. . Depending on your situation, you may want to consider one over the other. Buying firewood may be a better option if you require a large amount or just don’t have the time to cut and dry it yourself. Dry firewood will burn much better, give off less smoke and last longer.. If you find it inconvenient to dry your firewood, consider buying from  Black Forest Firewood. Send your questions through our email address or contact us through this phone number (02) 9631 5899. Visit the website —- for more information.

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