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Ironbark Firewood


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Very popular and one of the best burning woods for combustion, open fireplaces and wood stoves.


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1 bag is 25kg

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Ironbark Firewood


Looking for premium quality firewood that creates less smoke and soot? Look no further than our Ironbark Firewood!


Perfect for combustion, open fireplaces, and wood-fired cookers and ovens, we supply homes and businesses, including multiple cafes with wood-fired pizza ovens and wood-fired pizza shops, as well as heating for dining areas.


Very popular and one of our best burning woods. Our seasoned ironbark wood is ethically and sustainably sourced.


Advantages of Ironbark Firewood

The advantages of using our premium Ironbark wood include the following:

  • It provides an intense fire with longer-lasting burning.
  • Less ash and less cleaning, thanks to efficient burning.
  • Longer-lasting burn—Ironbark is more difficult to light but lasts 6-8 hours, so you’ll need less wood throughout the night.
  • It has clean, white ash and emits very little or no smoke and pollutants.
  • Perfect moisture content for firewood of 15 – 20%.
  • Logs are split and chopped to a convenient firewood size.


Purchase and Delivery

Our Ironbark is available for delivery throughout Greater Sydney and the Lower Blue Mountains. Call us on 02 9631 5899 to place your order.


Our friendly staff will advise the delivery fee(calculated based on the distance of your delivery address from our firewood yard) when you place your order.


Out Iron Bark wood is available all year long.


Why should you purchase from Black Forest Firewood?

  • We’re a proud member of the Firewood Association of Australia.
  • All of our wood has been fully seasoned and is ready to burn.
  • To ensure our customers get what they pay for and more, we load our firewood into 2.5m3 bins. Significantly bigger than the minimum specifications of 2m3 required by The Firewood Association.
  • We provide you with a supply of seasoned firewood, when and where you want it.*

*The delivery time frame is subject to the delivery schedule and may vary from the requested timetable during peak season. Please contact us for further details.


Additional Information about the Ironbark Tree

  • Ironbarks are a characteristic group of trees, named for their thick, compact, hard bark.
  • The name, however, could equally apply to the timber itself, for it is certainly the ironwood of the whole Eucalyptus genus.
  • The wood is very heavy, hard, and compact; therefore, it is long-burning.
  • Microscopically, the fibres are seen to be very thick-walled, compact and closely compressed.

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2 reviews for Ironbark Firewood

  1. Paul Young

    I always come back to order this product it’s my favourite choice for my open fires. Don’t look anywhere else if you want quality every time.

  2. Geoff Hughes

    When they say premium they meant it. Brian provides the best firewood I’ve ever used. I’ll be coming back here for more.

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