Wood Cleaning

For an efficient and safe burn, we provide a wood cleaning service for the firewood selections we proudly sell to our customers. We conduct a screening process through a Trommel machine that sorts through our wood to eliminate unwanted materials from the fresh-cut lumber. This process has proven a 98-99% success rate.

Firewood Delivery

Black Forest Firewood maintains a customer-first mindset which is why we offer a home or site delivery service to assist our clients where they need us the most. Our driver operates the BFF truck at his discretion while safely loading and unloading the vehicle for deliveries. All timber is delivered to the area designated by the client, and the receiver responsibly stacks the firewood. The delivery service is complete when the truck exits the premises.

Wood Turning

BFF features a series of timber logs available for woodturning, milling, or any other wood project needs. We welcome carvers, carpenters, or the average individual with a workshop who needs extra supplies. We are pleased to sell additional materials to those who can benefit from our timber selection for their task.


We produce large quantities of mulch with the help of our wood chipper and grinder machines. Mulch can enhance the soil, improve garden life, and prevent weed growth.