Important Notes To Remember When Storing Bulk Firewood In Your Garage

Storing firewood

A constant supply of excellent firewood is required by everyone who owns a wood-burning fireplace or outside living space. Instead of purchasing firewood supplies again and again, buying firewood in bulk is more cost-effective. Stocking firewood is essential during the winter season. Keeping a bulk supply of firewood will keep you warm and cosy without worrying about firewood shortage in the middle of the day. 


Firewood suppliers may provide large quantities of firewood for sale to save money and time for customers. Otherwise, customers would waste money on buying firewoods regularly. The only thing you have to ensure after purchasing bulk firewood is to store it correctly.


Many of us do not have a big room to store firewood, so we choose our garages. However, it’s critical to keep a few things in mind to storing firewood in a garage to avoid termites, spiders, woodlice, and other pests. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the prospect of keeping a large quantity of firewood in your home. 

Here are some simple steps to follow when storing bulk firewood in your garage:

Make sure you get well-seasoned firewood

Not all suppliers recommend storing the firewood in a garage. However, you still can if you don’t have much space or want to keep your big log in your garage. You only need to ensure that the firewood you’re buying is well-seasoned or dry. You also might want to consider lining the floors with a plastic tarp to prevent moisture from seeping into the floor and causing problems. If you’re storing wood directly on the garage floor, be sure to clean it often to avoid dust and debris from collecting. You should also consider covering the wood with plastic for extra protection from pets.

Inspecting the wood

Rots, bugs, and other issues are frequently included in bulk firewood purchases. Garage storage of this sort of firewood raises the danger of damage. So it is really essential to inspect your firewood before bringing it inside. If you have older wood, burning it first will help to eliminate any bugs that might be present. 

Distance from the wall

Many of us mistake storing our bulk firewood in our garage near a wall. Some people also stack them upright on the ground, raising the danger of moisture damage. If firewoods are kept near the wall or straight on the ground, their efficiency and burning capability will be affected. Keeping firewoods at a reasonable distance from the wall and floor is preferable.

Away from combustible materials

Sometimes we store our firewood near electrical wires, outlets, equipment, and other things without thinking about it. Unfortunately, this raises the risk of fire hazards even further. Because firewoods are intended to be burned, keeping them in a safe location is critical.

Suppliers of bulk firewood for sale usually advise storing them safely by considering such issues. Purchasing firewood in quantity is a cost-effective and handy method to have firewood on hand. Keeping them in places like the garage can help prevent them from getting wet from the rain, but you have to be mindful of what we discussed above. 


Storing bulk firewood can be a daunting task, but if you remember these few simple things, you’ll be able to keep your firewood safe and in good condition until it’s time to use them.

Summary of storing bulk firewood - the wood must be:

  • Well seasoned
  • Dry
  • Inspected for damage
  • Stored at a distance from the wall
  • Away from combustible materials.


Following these simple guidelines, your bulk firewood will be safe and ready to use when winter arrives. Buying in bulk can save you both time and money in the long run. Thank you for reading!

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