Whether sourcing, trimming, chopping, or preparing, we take pride in the wood we sell.

Our local shop and online store provides an enjoyable shopping experience for our clients.

All the firewood we have for sale is available in 2, 4 and 6m3.

We also sell extended sizes of timber in any length or diameter upon special request.


Benefits – An excellent selection for combustion heaters that emits a low flame, promoting a safe and even burn. This wood type is also sustainable and robust, making it a solid option for building. 


Facts – Ironbark is native to Australia wherever there is abundant sunlight. It grows mainly along the eastern side of Australia and is a renewable source of Australian hardwood. 


Uses – Everything from furniture, cabinetry, hardware. Ironbark’s versatile use makes it a good selection for construction projects and everyday materials.


Benefits – As a dense wood type, Redgum burns exceptionally well and for long periods. When burned, Redgum releases minimal ash production and smoke. It is also used for charcoal development. 


Facts – Recognised for its red shading, Redgum is native to Australia and mainly used in primary manufacturing and industrial production. This wood selection is highly durable and can survive in severely dry environments. 


Uses – Redgum is notorious for its heavy-duty construction capabilities made possible by its solid structure. Because of its density, redgum is widely used for building projects like flooring, fencing, and furniture.

Box Wood

Benefits – Box wood is a very dense hardwood that has a very long burn time, produces low ash and very hot coals. It is ideal for cooking over coals or keeping your house warm all night 


Facts – Box wood is usually sourced from Grey Box, Yellow box or Blue box. They are medium to fast growing trees that are a renewable source of highly dense timber. 


Uses – Grey box is a highly durable Australian hardwood often used for heavy construction applications and flooring. Due to its high density it is extremely suited as boiler wood and was used heavily in the boom of the industrial era. 


Standard Eco-Hardwood

Benefits – An Eco-friendly mix of a variety of different hardwood species to heat your home or cook your food on!


Facts – This wood is sourced from a variety of hardwood tree species that were pre-destined to be removed through the urban forestry process. These trees would have normally ended up in landfill producing harmful methane emissions. We have found a secondary use for a product that is often just discarded. 


Uses – Applicable for hardwood flooring, eco-hardwood is a popular choice for its rich and complex appearance as a stunning addition to any home style. It is admired for its environmental regard and planet conservation by containing no harmful chemicals.


Benefits – Kindling is an essential element to any fire – it is easy to light, extremely dry, gives off high amounts of heat, and is simple to transport. 


Facts – Kindling often consists of a variety of softer wood species, this catches easier so that you aren’t using nasty chemicals to get your fire going. 


Uses – The primary purpose of kindling is to both start and maintain an intense fire. Kindling can come in multiple forms, such as branches and twigs.