What type of firewood is the best to use?

There are four types of firewood with market-leading quality: Eco-friendly hardwood, Ironbark, Redgum, and Box!

What makes good kindling?

Good kindling is known for its dryness and is identified as a softwood variety like pine, spruce, or cedar. Small sticks made of these wood types are ideal for fire starting.

What does the wood seasoning process entail?

Seasoning involves the cutting and sometimes splitting of wood, it is then left for a period of 12-24 months until it has reached a moisture content under 25% (ours usually is between 12-20%)

How long does firewood last?

When stored in a dry environment, firewood can last 3-4 years.

Can old firewood burn?

Yes! However, old wood never lasts as long as seasoned wood, but it is still burnable.

What is the difference between hardwood and softwood?

The main difference is how each of their trees grows. Hardwood trees generally grow slow and denser while softwood trees grow at a quicker pace and less dense.

What are the characteristics of well-seasoned wood?

Well-seasoned wood is identified by its dryness, hollow sound on impact, and dark edges.

What are the signs of bad firewood?

Bad firewood is usually heavy because it is filled with moisture. It can also have peeling bark and exterior mould.

What is the best way to stock firewood?

The ideal setting for stocking wood is a dry, elevated surface that can be covered to protect the wood from wet weather conditions.

Additional Information about Firewood Read more about some guidelines from The Firewood Association of Australia Inc. below: