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Discover the best firewood on the market! We’ve been selling firewood for 44 years and are the leading firewood supplier in Sydney. We load our firewood into 2.5m3 cages to provide additional value to our customers.

About Our Firewood

Ironbark firewood and redgum firewood for sale by firewood suppliers

Our Ethical Approach

Our focus is seeing the value trees have once they have reached the end of their life and turning them into renewable resources such as decking, posts, slabs for furniture, mulch for gardens and lastly, firewood for your open fire or to keep homes warm in winter.

Value For Our Customers

We load our firewood into 2.5m3 cages to ensure our customers get what they pay for and more. In addition, we cut, split, and season our firewood for a minimum of 24 months to ensure its moisture content stays well below 25%.

Firewood supplier offering party wood for sale for firewood sydney customers

Our Firewood Prices

Offering the best range of firewood for sale, and we sell our firewood in bulk. Our firewood is thoroughly seasoned and burns efficiently.

25kg – $25

2m³ – $400

4m³ – $750

6m³ – $1100

2m³ – $600

4m³ – $1150

6m³ – $1700



All products are subject to availability. All prices listed are exclusive of delivery.

Firewood For Sale

At the forefront of the firewood industry with a vast range of well-seasoned firewood ready for delivery to Sydney and surrounding regions.

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Custom Order

Proudly delivering custom orders according to their preference. We sell timber of any type, length, width, and diameter. If you desire to cut and split your wood yourself, we only require you to fill up the special request form below.

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Questions We Get Asked

We do not. We load our firewood into 2.5m3 cages.

We deliver our premium firewood throughout Sydney and the Lower Mountains.

The best firewood in Australia is Iron Bark, Red Gum, and Yellow Box. They are dense and dry, providing high heat and long burn times.

1 tonne of firewood is equivalent to approximately 2 cubic meters.

Firewood delivery cost is calculated based on the distance from our yard. Once we have received your order, our friendly staff will be in touch to confirm the additional delivery cost.

Kindling wood is typically used to start a fire, so if you already have a good supply of firewood, you may not need it. However, if you are starting a new fire or your current supply of firewood is low, then kindling wood can be a helpful addition.