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Welcome to Black Forest Firewood – Delivering Firewood in Sydney to the Blue Mountains for 35 years!

Why do people prefer firewood over foreign oil?

Many countries use firewood as the main source for heating and cooking energy because of its carbon neutral properties. People willingly buy firewood at outlets where firewood for sale is available because it is predominantly accessible, affordable and most eco-friendly available fuel in the region. Leave the foreign oil alone and lower your utility costs by picking economical bulk firewood for sale from us at Black Forest Firewood.

Is burning firewood eco-friendly?

Hardwood logs rotting on forest floor release a certain amount of carbon dioxide naturally, and when this bulk firewood is ignited for household or commercial purposes it releases CO2 in the same amount. Voila! There is no global warming when firewood is burnt and the firewood suppliers use this knowledge to their advantage.

Firewood Types

Our company offers hard and soft wood of different types that lights up just the way you desire. Ignite the wood and check out its flare, it may be slow or quick burning; we give the best firewood delivery at your doorstep. Black Forest Firewood is a family owned company, and we have been catering to destination specific firewood delivery in Sydney, Western Sydney, across NSW, Blue Mountains, lower mountains and surrounding areas since the last 35 years.

You can try out our 2 cubic metre bins that contain

Proficient staff employed by us at Black Forest firewood can shape long lengths or blocks of firewood for you and can deliver it at your doorstep. You can place an order of your preference.

Why Choose Black Forest Firewood?

Our company, Black Forest firewood is a member of the Firewood Association of Australia incorporated, and we make sure that we adhere to the Code of practice insisted by FAA. The seasoned hardwood we offer has to undergo a Trommel screening process to eliminate chances of contamination. Customers can be assured of best quality sustainable wood in perfect volume if ordered from us. Good and clean wood is what we promise our clients because 100% customer satisfaction is our target!

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